22nd European Conference on the Dynamics of Molecular Systems

26th to 31st August 2018, Dinard, France

MOLEC prizes

During  MOLEC 2018  two prizes will be awarded, namely the MOLEC Senior Prize and the Zdenek Herman MOLEC Young Scientist Prize

The six previous recipients of the MOLEC Senior Prize are:

2016: Prof. Dieter Gerlich

2008: Prof. Gabriel Balint-Jurti

2006: Prof. Zdenek Herman

2004: Prof Raphy Levine

1998: Prof. Franco Gianturco

1996: Prof Peter Toennies 


The Zdenek Herman MOLEC Young Scientist Prize was established during the 2016 edition for the first time, and was awarded to :

2016: Prof. Sebastiaan Y. T. van de Meerakker



After considering several outstanding candidates, the International Scientific Committee has decided to award the 2018 prizes to :

MOLEC Senior Prize: Prof. Dr David Parker

Zdenek Herman MOLEC Young Scientist Prize: Prof. Dr Francesca Calegari

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