22nd European Conference on the Dynamics of Molecular Systems

26th to 31st August 2018, Dinard, France

22nd European Conference on the Dynamics of Molecular Systems

The 22nd European Conference on the Dynamics of Molecular Systems (MOLEC 2018) will take place in Dinard, France, from the 26th to the 31st of August 2018.

The aim of this conference series is to highlight experimental and theoretical aspects of atomic and molecular interactions. At MOLEC 2018, the focus will be on the following, non-exhaustive, list of topics:

  • Molecular collisions
  • Fundamental problems in molecular dynamics
  • Ultracold atoms and molecules
  • Molecular dynamics in condensed phases
  • Photon-matter interactions
  • Astrophysics and astrochemistry
  • Atmospheric chemistry
  • Femtochemistry
  • Coherent control of molecular processes

The conference format will be comprised of invited lectures, oral communications and poster presentations.

The conference has received the Europhysics Conference label from the  European Physical Society (EPS).

This website will be updated continuously. In the meantime, any questions can be sent to:


Last info : MOLEC2018 group picture (here and here).

PCCP poster prizes :
Andrea Trabattoni for his work "Strong-field physics in the molecular frame" (M-20)
Tom Rivlin for his work "Simulating low-energy atom-atom scattering with the R-matrix" (T-16)

EPS poster prizes:
Prena Paliwal and Nabanita Deb for their work "Imaging quantum diffraction in elastic collisions" (T-11)
Eszter Dudas for her work "Out-of-equilibrium hypersonic jet spectroscopy" (M-18)


MOLEC 2020 will be organized by Prof. Francesca Calegari (Hamburg, Germany)

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